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Residential Services From Masters Professional Painting, Inc

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We know that the proper application of paint can change the entire look of your home, and our professional application techniques, high quality paint and expert painters will give you the results you expect from a professional painting company. Whether you just want a color consultation or you want us to dive in when you are ready with wallpaper removal to begin transforming your home, give us a call to request your quote, so that we can help you fall in love with your home again.

At Masters Professional Painting, we follow a step-by-step process for every interior project in order to ensure that surfaces are properly prepared before the start of any painting job as well as to protect any of your valuables and areas of your home that are not being painted.

Your home is not only a big investment; it is a reflection of who you are. It makes a statement to the world when someone enters your home. At Masters Professional Painting, our professional interior painting contractors work with this fact in the back of our minds.

We offer a complete variety of interior painting services from painting your rooms to stucco repair. In some cases, a project may pose a challenging obstacle that our professional house painters face with positive excitement because we are skilled and equipped to address any and all concerns. We also provide free color consultations on most interior painting projects.

No Two Concrete Surfaces Are The Same

You don't want to replace your investment in a few years.  The most critical thing you must look for when getting any concrete coating application is the proper preparation of your particular concrete surface.  If you concrete is not properly assessed and addressed you will be in for a disappointment down the road (and in many cases we have seen, immediately).  Whether you are planning to acid stain, polish your concrete or apply an overlay this step is the glue that holds it all together.  Once your concrete is prepared properly you will have a beautiful, durable surface that will last for years.  If not addressed, you will be looking at failure with application within one or two years.  Just because it may seem appealing to go with someone cheaper, please be sure to do your homework on their company.  We have been called time and time again to fix botched up jobs a cheaper company.  It is not worth the price you have to pay in the end.  After someone seals the botched job you will have a costly expense to have another company repair the damage.

It is easy to enhance the look of your concrete surface to add protection for your existing concrete, value and beauty.  There are many options from non-skid coatings,  textured overlay systems, stamped concrete for Pool Decks, Patios and Sidewalks and Driveways.  Masters Professional Painting can give you gleeming epoxy finishes and polished concrete on garage floors, basement floors, driveways, walkways, patios, and pool decks.

Masters Professional Painting - Residential Services

- Painting
- Caulking
- Stucco Repair
- Wallpaper Removal for surfaces to be painted
- Minor Drywall Repair
- Concrete Staining and Coating for Garage, Basement, Driveway, Walkway, Patio and Pool deck Areas