Options For Industrial Flooring

Industrial Flooring Finish

An industrial concrete floor sealant, likewise known as a floor “finish,” is a resin-based, water emulsion sealing substance used on concrete flooring to protect them from rust or tarnishing and other harmful aspects. The main function of industrial flooring sealant is to deliver an economic, long-term & serviceable surface for commercial concrete flooring.

Industrial concrete floor sealers secure the floors against dirt and water damage. Additionally, they secure floors from the hazardous impacts of weak acids, discolorations and salts. Sealants consisting of epoxies, linseed oil and various urethane based products are made use of for industrial concrete flooring. Industrial concrete sealers including siloxane water repellent help to avoid spalling and the premature damage of flooring. Similarly, for a chemical resistant surface, permeating concrete sealants are a suitable choice.

If you happen to have a company, a workplace or an industry that participates in commercial operations, it would be important to pay additional attention to the coating used on the floors. As it goes, floor covering plays a huge part in this type of interior decor and due to this, you have to decide on flooring that will compliment your company’s needs while providing a truly industrial coating that can withstand heavy use.

What Are Your Options?

Today’s options of commercial floor covering include a broad variety of textures, colors, and products that you may choose from that alter any of your office areas right, while offering resilience despite higher traffic coatings for home use. The durability of commercial flooring dramatically increases its life – usually a lot longer than its domestic equivalents.

Products that are most frequently used in today’s commercial floor coverings would certainly feature vinyl, linoleum, and hardwood flooring. These types of flooring tend to be much safer since they can protect versus spills while reducing the danger to individuals who are strolling on it from slides and drops. Plus, they are a lot easier to clean compared to various other types of floor coatings.

The bulk of people at work have a tendency to get hurt when they walk from one area to the next if the floor is inadequately laid or the wrong kinds of flooring have been selected for the location. With this in mind, it would certainly be crucial for you to take your time in choosing the best kind of floor covering your business needs to stop undesirable injuries from taking place.

More usual types of company floor covering would include carpeting, rubber, ceramic tiles, concrete, granite, marble, laminates, wood and other manufactured stones. When selecting which sort of floor covering you wish to utilize, you should remember the demands you need to accomplish with these terrific floor covering options. Undeniably, there are lots of points you could consider when it pertains to commercial flooring.

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Advantages of Commercial Epoxy Floor Finish

Selecting a great floor for your commercial property is not an easy thing. Although there are so many flooring options available, choosing an affordable and quality floor takes a lot of research. However, one of the best floors you can use is epoxy flooring. If you are looking for durability, beauty and the perfect floor finish, then commercial epoxy flooring is the way to go.

Advantages of commercial epoxy floor finish

There are a number of benefits associated with epoxy flooring. Here are some of them:

Durability: This is not an assumption but a practical fact. In comparison to other flooring options, epoxy floors last longer. These can help your establishment save on potential repairs or new flooring installations in the future. Although some people might even suggest that it will take a sledgehammer to ruin epoxy, do not try this on your floor.

Easy to clean: The epoxy flooring is not porous and once you are done cleaning it, no stain can stick. Not even your footprints will be left after the cleaning crew has passed your section.

Variety: Epoxy flooring also has a great variety of options. The flooring comes in an array of colors to suit your preference. All you have to do is pick the most appealing color.

Time conscious: The installation of epoxy floors is often fast and easy. Due to this, you don’t have to stop daily operations in your business for floor installations. The contractor can come in and get everything done in a short time frame.

Strong: Epoxy flooring is resistant to both mechanical and chemical breakdown. This strength makes it ideal for heavy duty industrial complexes or commercial property.

Eco-friendly: With few adverse effects on the environment, epoxy flooring is kind to Mother Nature. Modern businesses are trying hard to play their part in environmental conservation and installing an epoxy floor in your property can definitely do the trick.

How to select commercial epoxy flooring installers

In case you have decided that indeed your commercial establishment needs epoxy flooring, the next step is to find an ideal installer. Here are a few tips to help you find and hire reliable flooring experts:

~Find flooring companies with at least five years of experience – Not all epoxy flooring installers have the expertise to deliver quality services. It is advisable to simply focus on contractors with at least five years of practice in epoxy flooring installation.

~Cost is important – Although many contractors in epoxy floor installation may charge different prices, the ultimate goal is to find an installer that gives you a perfect mix of quality and affordability.

~Ask for previous work – Before committing to an epoxy flooring installer for a big project, try and look at their previous work. This can help you know if indeed the contractor you are about to work with can meet your needs or not.

Many commercial establishments are very serious about the decoration of their buildings and putting up quality commercial epoxy is highly recommended to achieve the best results.

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Tips To Maintain Your Floor’s Shine

If you are a business with a brick-and-mortar presence, you know the importance of visual appeal. Places like showrooms, restaurants or shops attract more customers if they are eye-catching. To do this, you can invest in your flooring. But of course, you should not sink all your money into flooring, nor should you spend all your time maintaining it. A trick used by designers is to choose commercial floor coatings that are beautiful, durable and easy to maintain. This is why they favor putting in industrial epoxy flooring. If your establishment has an industrial coating, here are some tips to keep your floors shiny and beautiful.

Floor Care Begins From Installation

An industrial epoxy flooring that is haphazardly installed will not give you value for your money. For one, it must be fully cured before it is used. Curing time is not the same for all places and depends on several factors. For example, if the foot traffic is minimal, the floor can be ready in as little as 24 hours provided that the average temperature is about 20C. Hire a professional like Masters Professional Painting, someone who knows the art and science of industrial floor coatings. They have installed epoxy flooring in a wide array of facilities. Their staff are skilled and well-trained and use the latest machinery to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Clean Messes on the Floor Coating Immediately

While industrial epoxy flooring can withstand a lot of abuse, this does not mean they are invincible. Liquid mess, in particular should be dealt with immediately rather than left to sit on the floor where it may cause damage. Dairy, for example, stains fast on certain industrial floor coatings. For showrooms, remove tire marks with a stiff brush and recommended cleaner. Get to chemical spills quickly.

Regular Cleaning Schedule for Your Industrial Coating

You want your commercial floor coating to maintain its shine, so they should be regularly cleaned. Sweep the floor everyday using a broom with soft bristles. Make sure that dirt and other abrasives are swept away. If present, you can use a dish washing liquid to remove them. Note the recommendations of the manufacturer of the cleaner. Get a sample of the flooring at the time of installation and use it as testing area for cleaning materials. You should also mop the floors weekly using the recommended cleaner.

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Do You Have An Epoxy Floor Coating Project?

On the surface, epoxy coating might appear like ordinary paint until you understand its unique chemical nature. Epoxy has unique properties that make it tougher and longer lasting than paint. Epoxy is a unique resin that is formed by mixing epoxide resin and a polyamine hardener. The growing preference of epoxy as an ideal coating substance draws from the exothermic curing process it undergoes when it is mixed with the polyamine hardener. The chemical process results in the thickening of epoxy, which makes it better than paint when used on the garage floors. In order to optimize epoxy’s flooring toughness, it is important to rid the floor of dust and other substances that often compromise appearance.

Tests have confirmed that epoxy bonds better on garage floors than other forms of floor coating. Therefore, the floor becomes less susceptible to damage from falling objects and the usual corrosive agents that may be found on garage floors. Moreover, this coat is ideal for filling up crevices and broken parts of the floor. On this account, the substance is considered as an important maintenance material for old garages. Floor protection is particularly crucial for busy garages whose floors endure high levels of pressure and physical activity. The combined effects of toughness and thickness makes epoxy ideal for garages that are built for heavy-duty vehicle and machinery. In the long term, epoxy garage floor costs less in maintenance because of the advantage of durability.

A garage floor that resists moisture is easier to clean and maintain. Epoxy resists moisture better than other substances because it is a topical sealer. The moisture resistant properties are also important for enhancing floor protection. Apart from moisture, epoxy is a highly effective dust resistant, which helps to keep the garage space clean with minimal cleaning. The qualities of epoxy makes it easier for cleaning in winter, particular after dust and debris gathers on the floor. Residential and commercial garage floors routine cleaning in order to protect both floors and other items from the destructive effects of moisture. Unlike many other types of floors, epoxy floors rarely gather mold and mildew because of the inherent resistant properties. In this respect, epoxy flooring defines the standards of modern garage floor styling and maintenance.

Attractive color varieties and the possibility to customize the appearance of epoxy floors are extra advantages that explain their growing preference. Epoxy floors have a remarkable appeal that makes them ideal for opulent showrooms and attractive garages. In this regard, epoxy is a great choice for homeowners and businesses that wish to spruce up the appearance of their garage floors. Home stylists consider this coat as an important solution for enhancing the value of a home because the appearance of the garage constitutes part of the general value of the home. Ultimately, epoxy garage flooring resin helps to protect the floor and improve its appeal. Besides, its qualities are necessary for maintaining cleanliness of the garage and filling up small crevices that often compromise the quality of the floor.

Masters Professional Painting has almost 20 years of experience and has installed thousands of square feet of epoxy flooring for both residential and commercial applications. Give us a call today and let us help you get the professional service you deserve on your next epoxy floor coating project.

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Is An Epoxy Floor Coating Safe For Food?

If you are looking for a flooring material that will work in a food manufacturing plant, kitchen or other food service area, you may be wondering which of these are food safe. There are a number of floor coating products on the market–all capable of being food safe–but the difference lies with the chemical composition each manufacturer uses.

Epoxy flooring is used a lot when it comes to food manufacturing and service. Many types of epoxy flooring and other forms of floor coating systems have been approved by the FDA and USDA for use around food.

High-solid floor coatings are great when it comes to withstanding acids and alkalis and can stand up to abrasive cleaning, making them great for areas where food is being handled.

The trick here is choosing the right epoxy or other floor coating product as not all  are food safe. Some epoxy products have high VOC compositions that emit gases and odors that do not mix well with food or areas where food is being made.

Choosing the wrong product could be a regulatory nightmare and expensive mistake when it comes to food manufacturing and handling.

If you are in need of a food safe coating for your manufacturing plant, restaurant or food handling areas, the team at Masters Professional Painting can help. We have a proprietary floor coating that can stand up to all kinds of use and it is environmentally friendly.

We will help you find a food safe floor coating that won’t emit harmful gasses and can stand up to heavy use.

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Finding the Right Flooring For Your Facility

Whether you’re building a brand-new facility or renovating your current one, you don’t want to overlook the importance of flooring that will stand up to your industry’s day-to-day operations and keep employees safe. There aren’t many simple one-size-fits-all solutions out there, especially if your facility does specialized work. So how do you determine what kind of floor coating or flooring system you need to be looking for?

Here are three steps that will get you started on finding the right flooring fit:

1. Determine your facility’s needs

The primary consideration for choosing flooring is to understand exactly what conditions it needs to perform under. This will help you understand how much durability you’ll be looking for, and to identify special features you’ll need, such as slip-resistant surfaces for heavy foot traffic areas or extreme chemical resistance. Here are a few questions about your flooring to get you started:

-Will your floors need to stand up against heavy machine traffic, or will they primarily be used for foot traffic?

-Will they have to endure unusual temperatures?

-Will the floors in your facility need to hold up against chemical exposure or potential corrosive spills?

-Do you need to protect electronic equipment from static charges?

-Are you in the food industry and need to meet USDA safety regulations?

2. Conduct a moisture test

Concrete is a porous substance that often retains some amount of moisture, and it may allow water vapor from the soil below to work its way up into your building. Depending on environmental factors, high levels of moisture can actually cause a coating placed over it to blister or delaminate in just a few days. A moisture test will give you insight into what problems you may need to find solutions for (such as installing a moisture control system) and can prevent you from wasting money in the long run.

3. Do your research

Knowledge is power, and the more you know about the different types of floor coatings available, the more likely it is you’ll choose one that fits your needs well. Once you decide on a particular type of floor coating, you’ll want to research which products on the market will give you the best value and quality, and will need to take into consideration how installation will affect your production schedule. You’ll also want to learn how to clean and properly maintain your new floors so you can keep your investment working at its best for years to come.

If you’d like an expert opinion on any of the items above, the knowledgeable staff at Master’s Professional Painting would be happy to help walk you through the process of choosing and installing the best floor coating for your facility. Give them a call or contact them online for a free estimate.

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Epoxy Flooring Is A Solution For High Traffic Areas

Epoxy Flooring Is A Solution For High Traffic Areas www.mastersprofessionalpainting.com | (740) 756-7800

Areas that see high traffic can be particularly brutal for floors. This could be somewhere such as a busy hospital that might see thousands of feet traverse its hallways each day or an industrial plant that must endure the added burden of forklifts and pallet jacks as well as numerous footsteps. Following some basic floor maintenance strategies can help your floor last longer while still looking fantastic.

1. Clean Frequently

At least daily, sweep the floor to remove dirt and debris. You should also follow this step if you are going to be mopping. Be sure to spot clean as soon as possible after a spill. Choose a cleanser based on the type of material that your commercial floor is made from. Otherwise, you could strip the shine from it, leaving it dull and dingy looking.

2. Cover It Up

In order to protect your floor in high traffic areas — or if you notice that particular part of the floor is becoming quite worn — consider adding some type of material to cover it. Carpet runners or rubber mats can provide some protection in this case. Using these, however, will increase your maintenance time and costs. In addition, because they are covering high traffic areas, you will likely need to replace them often.

3. Have Epoxy Applied

By far the easiest and most effective way to maintain your high traffic area is to have epoxy professionally applied by Masters Professional Painting. Durable enough to withstand anything that your commercial space can throw at it, epoxy floors are also affordable and resistant to chemicals, spills and stains. Because commercial businesses are all different, adding epoxy allows your flooring to be customized to meet your needs. Anti-skid line striping, as well as color coating help designate safe and hazardous areas, for example. In addition to making your floor stronger and easier to maintain, epoxy gives it a pleasant and shiny surface that looks as good as it lasts.

Based in Ohio, Masters Professional Painting offers superior flooring options for industrial locations throughout most of the northeast and southeast portion of the United States. Specializing in durable and attractive flooring options, Masters Professional Painting offers free estimates to help you get started.

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The Right Epoxy Solution For You

In contrast with more conventional flooring options such as tile or concrete, the epoxy flooring options offered by Masters Professional Painting are chemically engineered to offer a wide array of advantages, including being fluid-applied for a nearly seamless, monolithic surface. Some advantages of this include:

-Hygiene. Self-adhesive tile or tile and grout floors are inherently comprised of a network of seams in the floor surface that can trap dirt, grime, spills, and microbes. Luxury vinyl plank or sheet flooring relies on heat-welded seams that are prone to cracking; the breached surface is one more place for bacteria to build up and proliferate. In contrast, fluid-applied flooring systems virtually eliminate these seams, making it easier to disinfect the space and maintain a more sanitary environment. Some epoxy and resinous finishes can also be formulated with antimicrobial agents that inhibit the growth of microbes throughout the depth of the flooring.

-Durability. In heavy traffic, the edges of individual floor tiles can present weak spots prone to fracturing or crumbling. Seamless epoxy flooring systems avoid having weak spots that are prone to fracturing and crumbling, as is common in tile floors. Resinous finishes may be installed at different thicknesses and can incorporate strengthening elements, such as special powders, aggregates and other additives, that furnish superior resistance to abrasion or puncture damage and outstanding compressive strength for heavy loads.

-More cost effective. Epoxy floors can be installed to yield similar visual and functional characteristics as granite, terrazzo, stained concrete, and other designer options for just a fraction of the cost. Additionally, resinous floor surface eliminate the need special upkeep, with no need to wax, buff, or regularly treat the flooring system once installed. Heightened durability means less frequent replacement and repair costs, and at the end of its long usable life, the old resinous flooring system need not be removed. It can be simply recoated with another decorative epoxy system or serve as the substrate for the next choice in floor covering. This can great lower replacement time and disposal costs.

-Better for the environment. In addition to reducing the waste associated with floor replacements, many epoxy floor coatings and similar resinous finishes can be made in part with recycled materials. They can also protect the environment surrounding the facility. Auto shops, industrial plants, and other facilities make use of dangerous chemicals and toxins that must be disposed of carefully. In the event of a spill, without the proper floor coating, the porous surface of the bare concrete slab would absorb the substance, allowing it to accumulate and eventually seep out into the surrounding soil and water. The same can happen with flooring systems possessing cracks or grout lines that provide an entry point for dangerous chemicals to enter into and leach through the slab. A properly selected and installed seamless epoxy floor minimizes this risk with its impermeable, nonporous surface that isolates toxins on the surface, allowing them to be properly cleaned up and disposed of.

Contact Masters Professional Painting today to learn how we can develop the right epoxy solution to meet your Columbus company’s individual needs!

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Commercial Painting Projects Need A True Painting Expert

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Commercial painting projects need additional skills than other painting projects. The structures and equipment require special cleaning, preparatory and coating materials. This is especially true since industrial equipment is often exposed to a variety of corrosive elements, both natural and man-made. Contractors need to have the knowledge to pair the right coating with the job, to ensure the longevity and protection of the finished product.

As with all projects, the devil is in the details. Proper planning helps provide good outcomes – meaning no detail is too small or can be overlooked. For instance, a silo used for food storage presents its own set of challenges. The interior walls need to be thoroughly cleaned with a cleaner that is safe to use around food products. All residue has to be completely eliminated before any coatings can be applied. The coatings also have to be approved for food storage and contain no harmful elements.

Interference with day to day business also has to be kept to a minimum. It’s rare that a company will completely close to have painting done. At Celtic, we work closely with management to make sure project impact on daily business is as low as possible. Here again, this means careful planning. We know where – and how – to protect areas outside of the immediate project.

For example, imagine there’s a pump room that needs re-coating. The equipment is showing signs of rust, huge areas of old paint have flaked off and the floor is grimy with oils and dirt. Prep work, including sealing off the room from other busy areas, starts the job off. Stripping away years of grit, oils and paint keeps the job moving. Depending on the type of material being painted, primers, sealers or inhibitors are applied to lengthen the life of the finishes. The walls are where the painting process begins, followed by the equipment and the floor finishes off the project.

Masters Professional Painting has the knowledge, experience and training to consistently get your Columbus commercial projects done correctly the first time. Call us at (740) 756-7800 to get your industrial painting started today.

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How to Know When it’s Time to Hire a Professional

Do it yourself is great! You get to be creative, try new things and hopefully save money. But when is DIY a bad idea? When should you seek professional help instead of trying to do it yourself?

Here are 6 reasons you should hire a Columbus commercial painting company instead of trying to complete a project by yourself.


If you hire a commercial painter you can rest easy that your cousin Bob wouldn’t fall off a ladder and come to you with his hospital bill. Professional painters are experienced and trained on how to safely plan and execute a paint job. The Pros have systems and protocols that a novice painter will not have.


Whether it’s your home or office you can rest easy knowing Texas Professional Painters are indeed professional. You can trust our team to take care of your home or business. Don’t put yourself at risk of being a cautionary tale, hiring from sketchy online sites and inviting strangers into your home or business with no known association with any professional organization just to save a few bucks. Hire a company you can trust.


Don’t worry about bad surprises when you hire a commercial painter. You can expect a beautifully done, professional job. Not just attractive to the eye but properly prepared, painted and finished with long term quality in mind. Hiring a professional will give you peace of mind that the job will be done right. No streaks, random uneven areas or roller marks. They know what they are doing!


Often people decide to do their own painting in hopes of saving money but how much money does it really save you? When you hire a professional you aren’t investing in painting materials you’ll never use again, for example, painter’s tape, drop cloths, buckets, brushes, paint rollers, and refills, paint trays, paint buckets. Nor do you have to worry about renting and transporting larger supplies you may need.

Most professional companies offer a written estimate for the work you want to be done so their won’t be any of the guesswork in figuring out how much the job might cost. Also, work done correctly will last longer. An armature job may need to be redone sooner than a professionally done one. Let’s be honest, don’t forget the money you’ll save buying pizza and beer for your buddies if they offer to help.


What is your time worth? Even if you discover that it is cheaper for your to buy paint and supplies then to hire a professional, are you including the value of your own time? What could you do in the number of hours you spend on the job that would take our team of painters less time to do? Why book your calendar for days of painting when you could let us do the heavy lifting for you?


If something goes wrong with your paint job you can find comfort in the fact that the painting company is insured to make it right. Their insurance should be able to provide your property with protection from anything that happens to it during the painting process. Do not hire a company that is not licensed and insured!

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